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How to Write a Great Testimonial

Use the T.E.A.S.E formula to write a great testimonial. TEASEing will make sure that the people who read the testimonial have a higher probability of buying or recommending a service, person or product.

  • Tactful - Show a sense of what is fitting and considerate when you give a testimonial. Give a testimonial knowing the fact that the person who used the testimonial would like to show it to others.

  • Emphasize - Always highlight the strengths or the good experience you had using a service or product by using specific details if possible. The most powerful testimonials will share a specific example of the experience emphasizing details of the transformational outcome.

  • Authentic - While giving a testimonial make sure you give many indications that you are authentic. This can be done by providing some way for people to contact you to verify if you are really the one who provided the testimonial.

  • Short - It should be short and sweet. Even if you like everything about a service or a product, just write about the most important aspects of the service or a product. Come straight to the point when you write testimonials.

  • Engaging - Whatever you write about should be engaging. Providing real life examples really helps here. Write about how the service, product or person helped you.

It is not only important to understand how to write a great testimonial but also 'why'. A testimonial has a huge impact on the end prospect's behavior and will help the prospect in overcoming his/her skepticism by helping them to understand that the product is not just a 'sales pitch' but has an existing customer base who has benefited from the use of the product.